Excellerate Precinct Management

Leaders in the development, implementation and management of public space solutions, urban renewal, public private partnerships and sustainable city building strategies, our team turns spaces into places. Three pillars of success:

  • Comprehensive upfront advisory service, feasibility studies, financial and business planning, environmental and market assessment.

  • Hands on experience in working within public and private sectors to address safety and crime prevention, cleaning and maintenance, urban management opportunities and challenges such as informal trading and public transport services and placemaking through urban renewal and tourism interventions.

  • Transparent and accountable management services, including finance, procurement, public space management, operational/soft services and corporate governance for non-profit companies established to ensure value adding opportunities for their areas.


  • The Sandton Central Management District is the commercial centre of South Africa and is home to three business improvement districts. Created to ensure an exceptional experience in this key node of Johannesburg. It has been established for the employee, visitor, tourist, shopper, property owner and resident of Sandton Central and thus focuses on how this area can better serve these stakeholders.

  • Rosebank Management District, consisting of two interlinked improvement districts, is a hub of new businesses, trendy restaurants and art gallery openings. The area is a well-connected businesses, retail and high-density residential node, serving both the region and its immediate urban context.

  • The South Western Improvement District, located within the Johannesburg CBD, the precinct was created as a compelling, clean, safe and well managed environment that captivates and entices its users. In turn this approach has protected property values, retained blue chip corporate headquarters and encouraged further investment.

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