SPARK has close to 50 years of parking management intellectual "horsepower" in its team lead by Warren Swart; more importantly SPARK is the only OWNER Managed Parking Operator in South African.

With experience dating back to 1994, the members of the SPARK team have opened, implemented and managed a diverse array of parking contracts from the good to the bad and ultimately the ugly. This includes pay on exit parking sites that range from one entry and exit lane, to sites the size of Johannesburg International Airport.

SPARK is about bringing colour back into parking, it’s about refreshing customer perceptions, exceeding Landlord expectations and harnessing innovation to make a difference. To this end, two key objective forms the thread through which our solution for The Landlord is created, extracting value from the parking environment and secondly introducing an innovative approach to service delivery.

The underlying theme of our business model is that we are about REVOLUTIONISING parking, moving the parker from a grudge purchase to an experience that prompts them to return time and time again. A critical component of this underlying theme is that we make the Landlord SMARTER; simply by harnessing the intelligence gathered in the parking environment coupled with an innovative approach to risk management, down time management and point of sale innovation, we create an environment where the Landlord has a ‘real time’ finger on the pulse of the business.

It is a well proven fact in our business that INTELLIGENCE breeds innovation, innovation improves customer perception which impacts on dwell time and satisfaction levels, ultimately leading to increased revenue for the Landlord. So we are not merely about parking cars but more about understanding the SCIENCE of parking, the intricate detail around facility design, process flow, queuing models and waiting line theories which all impact on the successful implementation of a proper parking management strategy.

Aligned to this we fundamentally believe that parking is an ART, requiring a passion to perform so as to delight, it necessitates continuous interaction with the Landlord and customer alike in a manner that displays confidence and fun, it should be appealing to the eye and a place that truly represents the beginning and the end of the service delivery value chain of the facility it serves.

SPARK has another weapon in its artillery in the form of parking facilities consulting. This involves the design, development and implementation of a variety of consulting services to the property industry. Warren has consulted both locally and internationally and remains passionately in this aspect of the SPARK portfolio.

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